A Message from Mrs. Todd

Things are starting to feel “normal” here at Riebli. We had our first fire drill. It was so cute. Yes, a fire drill was cute. This was not planned, but it was class color day on fire drill day. The blacktop looks like a rainbow and it made me smile. Our Kindergarteners experienced their first fire drill too. They were so good.

Students are also experiencing some of the struggles that come with in person school. The first week is over and the friendship issues, emotions of being away from home, and academic challenges are coming out. Our Friday assembly feature’s Mr. Cooper talking about 2 Tools to help us calm our brains so we can make good choices. It would be benefitable for parents to talk to their students about these tools. Watch the video! Modeling for them these tools when you feel frustrated is a great tool.

My three year old is in the middle of the horrible, terrible, no good threes! Remember this??? He can get bossy (No clue where he gets that from ūüėČ). I will pull out my “Measuring tape” and breathe before interacting with hi m. At first, I would get “Mama, what’s that?” “Why is Mama doing that?” Now, he sees me start “Pulling out my measuring tape” and he says “Mama needs to breathe, Jasper needs to Breathe.” He takes his hands and does the tape and says “All better.” Now, it doesn’t always work, but he stops for a minute (and then I can breathe and make good choices ūüėČ).

Thank you for your patience with pick up. It is so important that you DO NOT COME EARLY! Arriving on time is prefect (I was raise that early is on time and on time is late, so I understand how this concept can be challenging). We love all the parents walking to pick up! We encourage this! Park across the street, say “HI” to Grammy Joy and get some steps in!

Enjoy your weekend!

XO, Emily

End-of-Year Info for Music Program

Music classes will continue until the end of April. Final Zoom meetings will occur the week of April 26-30. After April 30, Mrs. Kaufman will begin to collect borrowed instruments and books at each school site. If you have borrowed a school instrument or book, please note the following return dates for each school for students attending school in person.

Return Instruments and Books:

Riebli: Monday, May 3 before school in room 17 (music room)

San Miguel: Tuesday, May 4 before school in room 40 (music room)

Mark West: Friday, May 7 before school in the music room

If a student is in distance learning or homeschooling or if the student is absent on their return date, please return the instrument/book to your school’s office at your earliest convenience in May. Please send Mrs. Kaufman an email to let her know when you’ve returned it. All violin, viola, trumpet, and clarinet students were issued a book that needs to be returned as well. If the book has been lost, it is $10 to replace for violin/viola and $8 for clarinet/trumpet.

A huge thank you to all the brave students who sent in videos for our virtual concert! And thank you all for your patience! Our virtual concert will be released the first week of May. Also, to celebrate after a most unusual and challenging year, Mrs. Kaufman has planned a special virtual field trip for all 4-8th grade music students to see the hip-hop duo Black Violin on Tuesday, May 11th at 2:30 p.m. Save the date and stay tuned for more details!

Thank you!

Mrs. Kaufman


Help keep music in our schools! The board positions for president and treasurer still need to be filled for the Mark West Education Foundation to continue. Please contact the Foundation at mwef@mwusd.org if you are interested or have any questions.

Students in hybrid learning may have already spotted Mrs. Kaufman playing the violin at recess this week. If you haven’t seen her yet, not to worry! She’ll be visiting your cohort soon! Again, song requests are welcome!



Drought is here. Save water. The Mark West Union School District has reduced outdoor irrigation by 60 percent to help save water. You, too, can help save water at home. Here are some tips: Reduce outdoor irrigation by one day a week or more; fix those leaks now; turn off the faucet when brushing teeth; use a car wash that recycles its water or just keep your car dirty! Please visit savingwaterpartnership.org for water saving tips and stay updated on drought conditions at sonomawater.org/drought