A Note From Mrs. Todd

Dear Families,

Hybrid and Opening school is all that is on my mind. We are getting there!! Our first employees recieved their vaccines this week (yay!) and more are scheduled for next week (including me)! I am busy working on cohorts and teacher assignments and will have that to you soon. Thank you for being a part of #TeamRiebli.

In that same school of thought, as we move toward a return to campus in the hybrid model, any time you can help your child make a connection with Riebli, would be outstanding. Bringing your student to campus for resource pick ups, playing on the field or playground in the evening or weekends, walking through the halls (with a mask) and role playing the return to school, are all great ideas to help students warm up to the idea of being back on campus. It will be a transition for us all, and one that we’ll succeed in together.

Wishing you all joy and love as we head into a Valentine’s Day weekend,

XO, Emily

Time For Recess

In our preparation for a return to Hybrid we are scheduling a “Return to Recess” day. This is a voluntary event. We want to allow students to socialize in a safe manner as they have not been together as a class. This will also allow students and staff to practice our protocols for entering and exiting the campus. All students must be masked and reminded to adhere to 6 foot distancing (as best as possible). Students will have their temperature taken in the car before entering school grounds. Parents must remain in the car.

  • Please be on time for drop off and pick up.
  • You must leave the curb area once your student is dropped off.
  • You may park in the lot to wait for student release.
  • You must return to the curb to pick up your child at the end of their recess time.
  • Students may walk/bike to campus. They need to check in front of the office, standing 6 feet apart. After checking in, then they can park their bikes.

Below is the recess schedule for this event.

We can’t wait to see smiling student faces!!

Your Principals

Friday Assembly